“God moves by our response to His word. He performs it because His Word is involved”

Faith is in the “now”. Faith does not need a postponement but it is in the now! We must learn to appropriate faith and then we put God into work. He never sleeps nor slumber and that will be that we engage Him do His word in our lives.

F. F. Bosworth said “it is after we believe we have received what we ask for, after we believe He has heard our partner, that God goes to work. Then the imperishable seed, His Word, begins to grow”

Our ability to appropriate faith and then act on His Word brings God to work. We must not just know the word. Knowing the word is different from engaging the Word and acting on the Word.

Concerning that situation, put God to work now. Pray and then act on the Word. Understand this, God’s Word is a guide into receiving our answers to prayers. So, as we take steps in faith we receive our answer.