“Failure is not a disease but not giving attention to what you fail in is a big disease” 

At one point in life, we have all failed but the thing is how do you handle your failure? There is a side to failure that we need to learn. While you fail, you must be observant, you must make process in failure and you must be committed to want to succeed. Failure is not what makes you a success in what you fail in. It’s commitment and attention to what you fail in that makes you a success. So if you give your attention and commitment to failure you will get better than those who have passed that stage before. Many people don’t relate with folks that fail, especially those that have succeeded in that path you failed in. But the truth is folks that fail will not only discover what made them to fail, but they will see a new path in that thing even more than their first try that made them failed. Failure always demands your attention and commitment. Beyond the pain of failure you must enter into desire for success. I know if a lot see the impact that failure does have, they will like to stay in there but the final line to failure is to succeed. 

I have a good example of a guy I just met, who has failed JAMB(an entry exam in Nigeria that grant you admission into University in Nigeria) many times and he was not able to get into University early though he is saying it’s “power from the father’s house(a way of connecting everything that happens to being from enemies from the father’s house)” but not so, you know what this guy became? You need to see him on the side of English language. You can hardly give him all those a big vocabulary and he won’t give you like 3-5 of its synonyms with big vocabularies too. I tell you, he focused on the reason he failed and gave his best to it. Today, failing JAMB has helped him. But the thing to ask ourselves when we fail is; what are we doing about our failures?