There is nothing you bring love into that victory is not sure. We must understand that everyone have their own area where they need to improve on. To make anyone to get better in any aspect of life will always demand time. In relationships, singles must realize everyone are raised from different homes, raised in different ways and will surely have different school of thoughts. Handling one another’s flaws especially in relationships will help gain understanding in marriage. This is because when you enter into marriage there are more things you’ll see about your partner which you must have learn to accommodate and also help your partner to work on. 

In handling all of this, your love for one another must truly be intact and you must be ready to help your partner. Yes, I know you may say “what if he/she is not ready to improve?” the truth is everyone want to be better. You just don’t give up easily no matter how much you have tried. Patience is one of the core thing we must learn in relationships. You know how much God has endured you? Then, you’ll understand why you need to learn to be patient to watch others improve. The truth is, you also have flaws. Never look at a man from afar as being perfect, when you come close to them. You may regret you made that assumption about them. Deal with your own situation, now that you know that there is a flaw and with patience and God’s help you’ll see your partner get better. 

I’d like to see your comments or addition on this topic. Thank you!