I have realized that WHATEVER God said, He is ALWAYS committed to it. My only problem ALWAYS is to find what He says. My VERY joy is I can ALWAYS count on what He says. I have watched this played out in my life. That’s why am afraid of what God has not said and yet I am putting labour to it. I have understood the difference between labour and God’s commitment to His word. People may see you that you’re actually making things to work but truly God’s hand may not be on it yet your labour is involved in it. God’s commitment to your life based on His word, is enough result than the result people are looking for. 

Understand this that it is not labour that produce result, it is God’s commitment that actually matters. We believe in result than what is actually right. In Mathematics, the result is not what matters, it is how it is been done that matters, in fact you may even score higher than someone that got result while you are consistent with the step by step method you used even if the result is wrong. We understand by God’s word that a man’s heart is always in a place where his treasure lies. God’s treasure is His word, remember when He could not made an oath to Abraham, He swore by Himself. God given you His word, is like God making an oath by nothing greater than Himself to you. God is committed to WHATEVER He says. The point here is, just look for His voice or His word and watch His commitment to it.