Oh! This sun is scorching and am at a thirst, 

Oh fine! This is a well, 

Let me sit to see if anyone will come fetch from it, 

“I hope I meet a clean water today, 

I need to fetch all the drums both inside and outside the house, 

For where I come from is too far to fetch just a little”

That’s a woman’s voice there, 

“Give me to drink, woman” I said to her, 

“You have no dealing with me a Samaritan” the woman said, 

“If only you know the gift of God, 

And you know me that ask you of a drink, 

I believe you’ll ask me to give you my living water” he said, 

“How can that be you don’t have even a fetcher to draw water, 

In fact maybe you don’t know, 

That the well is deep and how come you will give me living water?”

The woman replied, 

The man quietly said “but if you drink of this well, 

You’ll always come back because you’ll be at a thirst again, 

But I tell you the water which I shall give you, 

You’ll never thirst again in your life, 

Listen, the water will I’ll give you, 

It will become a well of living waters” 

The woman stood amused about what he man said, 

So she said “give me this water, 

Then I shall have no need to thirst again!” 

I only want to be thirsty for You alone, 

For if that water shall spring forth out of my belly, 

Then I shall have so much trust for that which spring from within.