An excerpt from a teaching I did yesterday in a church.

The first step into marriage is the ACT OF FINDING…

It always entails three things…

It’s always in the presence of God that is a child of God. God made Eve through the ribs(pieces) of Adam. He performed that operation in the presence of God and then brought the woman to Adam in the garden of Eden.

Your partner is in the kingdom of God. God never made Eve for Adam outer Eden but inside it. We never heard anything that happened outside Eden until the fall. Your wife is always in the kingdom of God.

It was God that brought Eve to Adam. Now, God may not hold the lady by the hand to come and meet you but He can place the love of the lady or the guy in your heart. When Adam propose to Eve, it was an immediate answer, the love was already in her heart. Don’t waste a brother’s time when God has already show you that he’s the one.

The how is to seek God and you will find the right partner. Scriptures says in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. As God may bring a brother to your heart or you love a sister, you must acknowledge the Lord so that He can guide or direct you.

When you see all these… All you will find is the will of God for you. God gives His sons His daughters.

Lastly, two people are to be found as scriptures says…

1. He that finds a wife… A prudent wife..

2. To find a faithful man Proverbs 20:6

When a faithful man and a prudent wife meet something must happen.

(a) Alignment of purpose

(b) They birth the will of God etc

Abraham was called faithful Abraham and Sarah a prudent wife because she JUDGED God faithful. The word prudent means to have a good judgment.