“Our faith in the Word of God can defeat any form of ailments”

You shouldn’t be afraid when you have any health challenges. As the power of God and His Word is available to get rid of it.

Don’t be moved by the name of that sickness no matter what it is. The name of Jesus has been exalted above all names.

Scriptures says that if the Spirit of Him that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, that same Spirit will quicken(to make alive) your mortal body.

To receive life in your body, you must engage that quicken Spirit and then confess the Word of God.

F. F. Bosworth said “Faith refuses to see (as reason for doubting) anything contrary to the Word of God.”

We must therefore fight for our health by using our faith in the Word. Don’t just confess you’re healed!

First engage your heart and filled it with scriptures that tells you’re healed! Be rest assured at that you’re!

Then, take your bold confession and faith in the Word of God and see God work His miracle in you!