Fatherhood is a high responsibility that men need to respond to, young ones need to begin to build themselves up and prepare for fatherhood. Fathers at times tend to show less care about their daughters and they make them look like they are not important in life. Our world has lost the courage for fatherhood and people believe they can just give birth and do anyhow to their kids without giving proper care to their children. When you hear the case of some folks on how their fathers treated them and you will begin to weep that what’s happening in our times? why are fathers not rising up to their responsibilities, the care and the love for their kids?

Our world had placed less attention on parenting especially fatherhood, naturally mothers care alot but we need to give attention to fatherhood. 

“Fatherhood is what gives direction to the lives of the children”

When fatherhood is lost direction in the lives of the children could be lost. It is undeniable that the impact of a father in the lives of the children is not a small thing but a great determinant to achieving their purpose in life. Mothers will tell bluntly that the effect of their husband in the lives of their children can determine a lot of things in their children’s lives. Sometimes the father’s attitude to the children can create fear in them and make them see less of themselves. This could affect their girls and make them fear guys and when they grow up they may never want to trust any man because of how their fathers related with them. It could affect their boys by making them to see that that’s the best way to fatherhood and then we will have another terrible generation. You may find some of those girls trying to avoid the males because of fear but this ought not to be so. As father we need the rise up 

  • We need to rise up to fatherhood and live rightly as fathers before our children. 
  • We need to become responsible as fathers so that our children can cherish us and see how good fathers are. 
  • We need to become faithful fathers that can mentor our sons and daughters on how fatherhood should be. 
  • We need to become role models that our children can follow 
  • We need to grow up by learning more about fatherhood 
  • We need to understand that fatherhood is not just producing babies but giving life to babies through our own lives
  • We need to understand that as fathers we need to reflect the fatherhood of God.