“FATHERHOOD is a reflection of the Fatherhood of God” 

This I see about fatherhood, when a father can properly see how God Fathers His people and then receives grace to do them, then that father will make His child understand scriptures faster especially when your children see a place like “your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things” they will understand this faster, this is because as a father you have properly modeled it before them, so when they see that they can easily relate with it. Something is very important here, as fathers we need something, which is to make our children know that first our heavenly Father is God. One of the best gift my dad, Martins Akinyele, gave me before he went to be with the Lord is this, he said to me one day when I challenged him that “don’t you know, you’re our father?” and he immediately replied “I am not your father, God is your Father, I am just your guardian” that shocked me for the very first time that I heard him say that. Now once you make your children know from their early age that their heavenly father is God and you have properly modeled this before them, they will see all reason to believe that God is their heavenly Father, hence that will create an intimacy with God for them. The truth is what you model or teach your children at their early age matters, they tend to pick that thing up faster and live all their lives for it, especially when you’re consistent with it, that’s another thing to learn. They pick any thing that is consistent faster. Children learn very fast and that’s the way God structure them, that’s why some of them fight your word against their teacher’s word. My thought has always been, how come children tend to always believe their teacher’s word so much that they could almost fight our words? Parenting have realized takes skill and understanding and once there is an understanding it becomes easier. The truth is, how to gain the interest of your children on what you say is how you live it before them. So very quickly let’s see what to do

  •  Learn to be intentional

I have understood the principle of being intentional on things that it can  affect in a lot of ways that we can ever imagine, we must learn to be deliberate on taking this move of modeling the Fatherhood of God before our children. You must put your whole mind into it and be committed to it, even as you receive grace to do so. To be intentional here is that by all your actions you understand what you’re doing, by taking a step-by-step skill to make them understand who a father is because that’s what they see you to be. This is even to point of how you speak to them, play with them, eat with them and the likes. Every of our actions must always be between are reflecting something which is the Fatherhood of God, such that we know that if not properly done, it will cause them to have a doubt about us and this they may see about God. 

  • Always learn to give your children your word

Fathers or parents need to learn how to give their children their word and to always perform it before them. Don’t ever say what you won’t do in the space of time. Listen I still remember some of my parent’s friends that promised me one thing or the other when I was a child and till now they have not done it, I still put it to mind. What am I saying here, unless you learn to fulfil the word you give to your children, they may never learn to relate with God when they see in their Bible that “It is your heavenly Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” 


This is because you promised them a thing some days ago but you never give them because you actually gave them your word on it, so they may never believe this. But when you give them your word and you fulfil it, whenever they see scriptures on God as their Father and what He want to do, they will take God to be true because they have a father that reflect that and then trace your fatherhood to how God will father them to perform his word to them. For this is how we truly reflect the Fatherhood of God by giving our children our words even as we also perform it before them and this nobody can take away from them.