I’d like you to imagine that you’re wearing a white cloth and you find yourself in the midst of people that have palm oil and they are careless about the way the carry the palm oil. Be sure that they may pour the oil on your cloth because of their carelessness, though you may shout that they should be careful but  somehow they got the oil on you. The thing to do is not to shout, what you need is a cleansing. So David said…

Psalms  119:9 Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? BY TAKING HEED THERETO ACCORDING TO THY WORD.

To cleanse your way  the word of God says you have to take heed thereto according to God’s word. To take heed means to give attention to God’s word. No wonder the word of God says. 

Proverbs  4:20 My son, ATTEND TO MY WORDS; incline thine ear unto my sayings.  


Again, this  says to attend to the word of God and to incline our ears to the saying in it. You notice it also says to keep the word in ye midst of thine heart,  why midst of thy heart? 

Proverbs  4:23 KEEP THY HEART with all diligence; FOR OUT OF IT ARE THE ISSUES OF LIFE. 

The word of God says to keep the word in the midst in thy heart and out of that heart comes the issues of life. Now, when you keep the Word of God in your heart it cleanses you and also makes you  not to sin against God no matter the temptation in this world. 

Psalms  119:11 THY WORD HAVE I HID IN MINE  HEART, that I might not sin against thee.

When the word is hid in the heart it enables us not to sin against God and also cleanses us from sins. So to cleanse yourself from any dirt of life, learn to stay with the word. The word of God says it is now that you’re clean… 

John  15:3  NOW YE ARE CLEAN THROUGH  THE  WORD which I have spoken unto you.

When you engage your heart with the word of God it cleanses your heart from sin. The word of God is a cleanser! Stay with the word of God to be  clean. Be blessed!