​Every great minister have a way the Lord deals with them. In the secret place where they get chastised, where they are undergoing a burning such that that which does not align to God’s will is burnt away. Men may not know but he knows all to himself that burnings must occur within so that he can truly reflect the Lord. Any time his life does not align to the will of heaven, he rush back to the secret place for burning with the plead of mercy in that he will be heard.

The danger of our time is to position ourselves to have a secret place of fellowship with God before the world and yet we have none with the Lord. In the sense that our outward display is seen as our true evidence of fellowship with the Lord. The evidence of a true believer is such that have a fellowship with the Lord in the secret place and we must learn not to take strength from men but from the Lord in the secret place. For our true selves are seen in the secret place and not in our outward display to the world to be measured by men. Our lives begins to have form when we develop a deep fellowship with the Lord within. We must readily make ourselves always available to God more than we are available for men. The truth is a man that is available to God will be available for men. Our lives need to be shaped and be properly formed in the secret place of prayers and fellowship with the Lord. For us as sons chastisement should not be far from us for that is our true identity. Many times when we take just a dot percentage of how we are committed to men to how we are committed to God, a shift should have occurred in our lives. Be committed to God than you are to men.