“The cross is a place of death in order to live unto God” 

The Holy Spirit asked Fuchsia Pickett a question which I feel is important for us as believers to receive as though God said it to us. This is it 

“how deep can the cross penetrate into you?”

this got me thinking and praying a little, as I also saw that the cross had to be taken down the ground for it to stand well. It leave me to ask myself that question also. I hope you do answer that for your own self. 

“God wants to place the cross deeply into our spirits in order to bring death to our self life and release His resurrection life in us. -Fuchsia Pickett”

The truth is, man can not embrace the cross unless he loves the Lord. When we hate the cross, the resurrection power will not be made manifest in us. For when we do not embrace the cross that reflect death to self, then we may never experience the resurrection that birth life (the life of God) in us. As God’s people we must be ready to submit to the power of the cross so that we can experience the resurrected life of God. The cross ends a life(death), but resurrection birth life (God’s life) in us.