Singlehood is good and marriage is beautiful. You must learn to enjoy it and use it well. You must understand that your relationship is to end up in marriage and your relationship is a reflection of what you will see in your marriage. Is just like in modeling, whatever mistake you experience in modeling may come up in the real object. So, in modeling you correct the error in that model and then perfect it well to see it become excellent in your real object. Relationship is often this way. If you’re the type that argues alot in your relationship and you don’t end up in a good conclusion or agreement, there may be problems in your marriage except you give room for growth.

How to have an effective enjoyable singlehood or marriage 

  1. Submitting to one another: Many base this to be the job of the lady or woman alone. Some men see no reason to be submissive to their own wives or to be submissive to one another. But, have you imagined a marriage where your only fight is “My husband please let me also submit to you this time, I like to grow in submission too”. Submission to one another is when you learn to give place or room for your partner and then allow him or her to take the lead. You are not all concern about yourself but your partner. You consider yourself last. 
  2. Esteeming your partner than yourself: This is quite hard but is all about you seeing your partner to be better than you no matter your degree or status. It’s about considering your partner’s need the most important than yours. You esteem her or him better than yourself by placing her in the first place always before you.