The times when prophecies have gone ahead, 

We need not to lose hope but to go back to the bags, 

Fishing out the prophecies being foretold of men, 

Holding on to faith to see it come to pass, 

For prophecy need no struggle, 

It enters and fulfill in its days, 

Working according to the time of Him that hold it,

It never come too late or too early, 

For such time it comes is that pleases the Lord, 

It comes at a time of the rejoicing, 

When men will actually see that this is the right time for it, 

From where we have lost hope we need to go back, 

Go back to revisit  the prophecies the Lord gave us, 

Clear the room, clear the dust bring out the books, 

Open the books of the prophecies, 

For such as come to be fulfilled, 

One of the signs of them that hold on to prophecies is that, 

They keep to learn discern the times of it, 

Following the wind of the Spirit engaging the Lord, 

Understanding the times and understanding by books, 

For the times and the books can not be separated, 

For such are they that are needed to quicken the heart to believe, 

For which the prophets has written, 

Holding on to the unshakable words of the Ancient, 

Who sit to watch the affairs of men upon the earth, 

Making ready the heart as it reads, 

Opening up the realities of days to come, 

We dust off our doubts and make ready the time for fulfilment, 

The burning heart of they that keep it is knowing it is TIME…