Drive me to the altar, 

Make my soul experience Your deep fellowship, 

Cause my soul to be hungry for Thy heart, 

Make me drunk that I will always come back for Thee, 

For in Thy presence does my soul delight, 

May I not take pleasure in the passions of the earth, 

But to be driven by my estate for which I am from. 

Drive me to the altar, 

Only to seek Your face shall my soul delight, 

May my flesh experience the power of Your presence, 

Now waiting for the joy that was said that it resides in Your presence, 

Shine the light of Your throne upon my heart, 

Let vanity and iniquity be lost forever in me here I am, 

 For You’re holy and You relate not with ungodliness. 

Drive me to the altar, 

For to be Slain I shall not be afraid, 

For I know You’ll do that pleases Your heart to me, 

For all I seek at Thy presence is not what the earth runs for, 

I want You and You alone for this I come from afar, 

To be soaked all alone by the name even Thy Holy name, 

Relinquished of the earthly desires but to seek and to desire my Lord. 

Drive me to the altar, 

I am here now with You alone, 

Shall I go back to where I was? 

No pleasurable thing lies for me, 

Than Thee alone who have taken over my heart, 

For to this You said I am with you always, 

For you have bear upon your heart My presence for which I can not deny.