It is quite destructive when someone marries a wood when he’s an iron. When one is sharpening the other, it is seen as a cut and not a sharpening. It is taken for an offense and not as a help.

Friends are meant to sharpen one another. One of the key things about marriage is to marry a friend and not a stranger. Strangers are everywhere, that’s why I fear people who just marry without first being friends. Truth is, there is always something to help your partner sharpen, understanding that you’re not perfect and you need the same.

Many folks have made this singular mistake and they regret it all their lives. Friends are meant to prune one another, to bring out the best out of their partners, to bring one another into a better place in God.

When you are sharpening your partner there will always be issues. Instead of your partner to be meek and learn. He will rather see an offense in what you’re doing, every help you make is called nagging. Never ready to change. You notice when iron sharpen one another, it’s never done in silence. It’s very intentional as they endure the pains of being sharpened.

When you sharpen yourselves in a relationship or marriage, the beauty becomes as we both come together, as I sharpen you, you sharpen me. Then, you both are driving at the same cause. You both are oprearting at the same level at which you give yourselves to one another to be sharpened. It’s painful but you endure it because of something excellent that will come out of it.

It’s hard to turn a man who is a wood to become an iron. The iron is much stronger even though one gains more than the other but it can help design it into something better but it will never be like when they are both irons. It reflect the reason you both need to be iron. Submission to one another here is the key.

A man can turn from wood to iron when he’s ready to learn with all meekness. He submit to learn and then to be sharpen and sooner or later he becomes something great that can also help the iron when it seems rotten or needs any form of adjustment. But, there is beauty in it when both of you are iron. Marry someone of like man. It’s so hard to change a man from a wood to iron. The percentage is always low.