YES! Don’t link God to what? Don’t link God with your past experiences and your current experiences. This we do many times when an evil experience happen in our lives. We then relate them to the sin we have committed in the past and then conclude that God is at it. We go this way “I have sinned against Him, so He is at it with me”. That’s a wrong impression to think about God. God is not that way! He doesn’t reward His children with the evil they have done. It is your unrenewed mind that is speaking and then relating such experience to God. Which may eventually take you away from God. 

So what do I do? You need to first speak to God, to even be sure if He has hand in it, which I am sure God does not. Seeking His face gives you the accurate thought about what’s happening and if God requires you to seek for forgiveness then do it right away. Don’t assume for God until you have heard from Him about the issue. God is not evil. Don’t connect your current challenges or evil circumstance to the evil you have done to God! God loves you than that. Yes! He chastise but He’s your Father be sure to hear about the issue from Him! Live in righteousness!