“Friendship in relationship is the key to successful marriage” 

In courtship, we must learn to build a strong friendship with our partners. We must understand that friendship means having correct understanding of your partner. It entails embracing the personality of your partner and emphatically working strongly on one another flaws to become better. 

Don’t be like Jacob that stayed in his Uncle’s house for seven years to serve him in order to have Rachael but couldn’t identify her on their wedding night until the morning. It shows he was never close to her to begin with. We should be able to build a strong friendship that no one van break into. Understanding your partner is very important and it must get to that point that even before people know you’re friends. It’s clear to you both that you are!

Understand this very quickly, you will never find a perfect partner, there will be something that demands a change in them. Which both parties involved must learn to be sincere enough to help build one another. 

I remember reading a book by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, he was very conscious of telling his fiancée then that, if truly we are going to marry, we should talk about the issue of sex: the number of children that we want to have etc. 

Courtship help to open you to really know who you are getting married to. Can you truly look at your fiance or fiancée and say he/she is truly your friend that you can share things with, even your errors? You must understand that no other person have your time than your partner after God. Friendship gets you to the point of intimacy where you know and understand her mind and then you’re know how to give her joy by it. 

Don’t prepare to know your partner more in marriage but rather have a good understanding of your partner in your courtship and then if any thing may appear untrue about him/her you will know how to accommodate it and also prayerfully appropriate it. Be blessed!