In marriage, God does not see the agreement of couples as two but one.

That’s why understanding is required as couples pray.

Just like a joint account, all signatories must be complete in order to issue out money. Hence nothing can be done.

Much more God, when couples want to agree on a thing He awaits you both to agree then He makes a move towards it.

God will never move when He sees one signatory to that agreement in prayers but He needs the two as He sees it as one.

For God to move concerning your marriage, God need to see that you and your husband agree on that matter.

That’s why if two of you as scriptures said shall agree on a thing it shall be established.

Listen, there is a place of praying individually but when it comes to things that involves your home and it stands on agreement. God won’t move accept He sees the two signatories to that prayer!

That’s why Bank do not talk when you need your money from your personal account. They just give it to you as long as you have money there.

But, once it’s a joint account, they won’t move until the two signatories are there. So also when God looks at your prayer of agreement, He checks the signatories if it’s complete then God will now move.

A wise banker that loves his job won’t issue out money that is a joint account when they signatories are not complete. That’s how God sees our agreements as couples. Remember He’s the Only wise God.