“Passion are pointers to destination in life and they have to be God-driven. -Fisayo Oluwafemi”

Many a times, our lives and what we’ll become in life are surrounded around passion and what we love to do. Passion is what they don’t beg you to do, you do them joyfully and without stress. The area of your passion is very important and it’s often a drive to your destiny and purpose in life. When we focus on our passion and trust God in them, especially in prayers, we may see that God has actually being speaking to us about that area for long but we are not aware of them or we don’t know how to respond to it. 

Well some times we may be the ones to create jobs and we may be looking for one. God has deposited in all of us one ability or the other. For some, they have the ability to support someone but may not be able to start a thing themselves and to keep to it to the end. But they are very good when it comes to giving support. Life does not answer to many things but one thing. That thing may be your passion. No human on earth that does not a good passion for one thing or the other. What we all need is to be consistent in what we are doing. Consistency and passion are vehicles to greatness and it need a good driver to drive it there, which is you.