​Basically our experiences with God is important and how we communicate that is through communion. Speaking in tongues help clear our hearts to hear more. One of the true virtue of communion is obedience. The easiest way to know that a man is ACTUALLY communicating with the Lord is how is heart is able to yield in obedience to the Lord. What prayer ought to do in us is not just for provision of needs, of course which the Lord will provide for them when we ask, but it ought to birth obedience in us. Your Father knows your need. But in a year our thousands of prayer is on needs and not on God. This does not mean we can’t or must not tell it to the Lord but truly the Lord knows those needs. Prayer is an access to God. When gained and you give yourself to Him, the life of obedience begins. The force to prayer is confidence first of all in God. Actually, going by the way of the word, God hears our prayers twice. The Lord is not far from them that call upon Him. Seeking is our life as believers where we seek Him till our face shine bright. The experience that happened to Moses was a result of communion. If He can shine in our hearts, He can shine in our eyes. This will result to obedience. For our faces to shine is not what we should seek, Moses never wanted that but it was an imprint of his experience with God. He wasn’t even aware until the people said it. Often we want people to know we are praying but that’s not the right way. We pray not to make people know we pray but just for the Lord. Prayer therefore become an inward experience that is build basically for fellowship. 

Communion is sweet when the heart actually find the Lord with a true heart. To find the Lord with a true heart therefore becomes a way of life by which we live before the Lord. Therefore an open heart is required. Have you ever experienced the Lord in prayer truly? It’s like a hold you never want to let Him go. You’ll understand why Jacob had to hold that angel. Your mind must be renewed such that you won’t feel will this continue? To tell you God seek it to continue. David is a man that seek that place and found it. We must keep coming until we become. Unveiling actually is in the place of prayers. Our faces are veiled by so many things but as we come to behold the Lord, the veil is taken away. Only a religious man will have his veil on him for long. Before the Lord veils are taken away. The reason for veil is to make man not to see God properly. Is the strategy of the wicked. I see a people who love the Lord but want to keep veil in their eyes. The devil actually veils but God removes them. This happens in God’s presence. But as we come with a true heart, not with a religious heart then veils will be taken away. You can love God and still have a veiled face because your heart is religious. A constant shining of light in your heart is needed.