1. Not defining their relationship:
People love wasting their emotions especially with the opposite sex. They don’t ask questions when they are close with a guy or a lady and they know that the closeness is turning to a relationship but they won’t ask questions. Ask questions like what’s it about us, and how are we just friends or are we to start a relationship together? . Don’t waste your emotions.

2. Thinking all is fine after getting a “yes”:
Getting a “yes” from a lady is good but there is something much more to do after getting a “yes”. Some guys relax after getting a “yes” from a lady, thinking that is all to relationship. There is more to do.

3. That love settles all in their relationships and no need to make it work:
People mostly believe that because they love themselves then that is all to the their relationship. Relationship is not just about loving yourselves and it does not settles all. There’s a work to do like MAKING YOUR DIFFERENCES WORK, HOW TO MAKE YOUR THOUGHTS ALIGN etc

4. Spending time with other people but not their partner:
Most people enjoy the company of the opposite sex to their partner. So, they commit their time to others than their partner. Sooner or later you’ll develop emotions for that person and then you’ll leave your partner for that person.

5. Not forgetting about their past relationship:
This is dangerous. You hear people say “I miss my past relationship or I miss my ex”. Though, speaking with people I realize is because their partner is not doing what their ex did. They tend to compare their current relationship with the past relationship.

Some even keep romantic chats with their ex. You need to let go and focus on your relationship. Distraction is a thing you need to deal with. You need to ensure your relationship work.

6. Not talking about “when am I meeting your parents?”:
Someone gisted me about how her partner is avoiding her from meeting any of his family, not to talk of the parents. You need to talk about it. Though timing is important about meeting one another’s parents. But, we must ask this question.

7. Not making plans towards marriage:
Your relationship needs to move into marriage. Relationship is what leads into marriage. You need to talk about marriage. Talk about the number of children you will like to have. How you’ll discipline your kids. Some folks don’t talk about marriage in their relationship at all.

8. Not talking about sex:
One of the concern of ladies is to be sure if they’re not dealing with a guy that is impotent. I’ve heard discussions with ladies on this and they tell me how important this is to them and their frustration of not being sure of how potent their partner is.

I’ve heard of a guy who never discussed sex with his partner and he was impotent, of which they later got married, she felt cheated on. Don’t make that mistake, if your partner is not talking about it, try and bring it up. You need to know.

This is not to mean, to try sex to be sure but you ask question. Averagely, all guys have a sort of erection when with their partner. Observe. Find out too if she has done any abortion before from friends, most especially from her. If you have, don’t hide it.

9. Spending on themselves alone and not their partner:
Marriage is not for selfish people. When you’re selfish in your relationship, you may be selfish in your marriage. If you understand that your partner reflect you either a guy or a lady, you won’t spend on yourself alone but always thinking of your partner.

A lady also discussed her fear about her partner who has never bought a thing for her before, despite how she try her best to keep giving. Keep your giving ability to be mutual.

10. Thinking you understand everything about your partner:
People always assume they know all about their partner but the truth is you don’t! An elderly Pastor once told me, don’t assume you know all about your partner.

I wanted to fight it in my heart until he mentioned some things that can only be known within the confines of marriage. Never think you know all about your partner. But, no matter what he or she put up, be ready to help your partner get better.