​Nobody got into his inheritance without being first impacted by some fathers in the previous generation. -Pst Poju Oyemade

I will like to share something that I feel it’s of great importance to us especially the younger generation. We must not run ministry like we are starting without a root. When you cut down a tree it may die, but there is still hope of it growing again because of the root. A lot of us have made a mistake of beginning a stream without waters yet dwelling in them like a flow exist in it. We can’t enjoy life without those who have passed through life and ministry. Our core help stands on the Lord and men. Often folks like to separate that aspect of men and fix God only but the truth is, it will not work. Even the ten commandments where divided into two parts where five is for God and the other five is for men, telling our relationship with God and then our relationship with men and when we see Jesus telling about the New Commandment making them two and then it also means one for God and man and later it became one commandment on which every other commandments hang on. So that by the fulfilling of that one you automatically fulfilled all the laws. We understand that love then becomes the basic means to reach to God and to reach to men and how our relationship will not be genuine without this one commandment love. Not to shift from the purpose of this writing, what am saying is that we can not take away the place of man and the place of God. We see in a place specifically where it was said that how do you claim to love God and you hate your brother then it occur to me that how do we claim we submit to God when we can not submit to man. Even the young ruler that came to Jesus said he is a man under authority and when he says go his servants will go and then he required of Jesus to give him just a word and then that settles the matter. So this means we must understand or recognize man’s authority to God’s authority because the things of the earth displays how the Spiritual laws appears. We must understand that no young minister can survive on his own without the blessing of a father. It is to enter into the mission of the fatherless when we claim that we have not a father and can not submit to anybody. But the truth is the reflection of who you submit to tells your submission to God. 

Now, how do you come into this rich resources that they have? 

  • Know that you need a covering 

“A cover stands as a security against the head”

I understand that God is your cover but God is not can not do a thing without first meeting His prophet. God’s prophet are His anointed ones. God does not move on the earth unless there is a earth connection to heaven then we will see heavens move. Nobody enters the rain and not get drenched,  nobody find rest in a house that is open to rain. Man must understand that God is their first tower then men. The truth is, men are the arms of God upon the earth even all of us. The covering that you need is to help you survive in the day of trouble.

  • Give attention to reading and listening to them

“What you submit to and honour is what will rub on you”

While I was a teenager this is one of the words that sounded most in my heart by Bishop Oyedepo “a reader today, a leader tomorrow”. No leader ever steps to a position without reading, he must have first read something. Personally for me I know how to tap into the resources that some men of God have. When I notice that I lack a thing and I know that one minister has that grace, what I just need to do is to listen to his messages and read his books if any. I remember listening to Pastor Poju Oyemade and I heard him talk about prayer just a little, I just said to myself I need to listen to him on prayers. I remember a time that by listening to his messages I begin to write through his heart by help of the Spirit of the Lord. I have noticed that grace rub on me . Even since teenager I noticed just listening to my Pastor that I look up to then I’ll begin to pray and to speak like him. What am saying is this as you learn to submit, stay under the older generations their grace will rub on you. 

  • Do things that promote their ministry 

“Promotion comes by promoting others because as they move you’ll also move like a bond that is hard to break”

People are used to bringing some people’s ministry down in other to erect theirs when their eyes are not opened to see that all they erect is pure emptiness that has a labour yet without a sound. When a man understands that his ministry growth lies on the ministry of those that have gone ahead then he will truly learn to submit. The truth is when you’re not committed to the things of others as the Bible says no one will give you your own. Our commitment to other generation’s ministry will actually unveil our ministry. It’s like a breaking forth of the old that push the new one out. It’s an error to bring down the ministry of men of God. We are used to destroying their ministry rather that pray for them. If only we know that by our prayers for them we will have  a measure if their grace even when they have not laid hands on us. 

Finally, if we must progress at all we must learn to submit to older generations. The truth is their prayers are very important just like the prayer of a biological parents so is the prayer of a spiritual head over you.