Playing in the field until the day, 

I was only found inside in the house, 

Which was quite unusual of me, 

My sister couldn’t keep silent, 

She was telling everyone about me, 

Even though she knew one of my best friend, 

That was not around… 

Until the illness took away my soul, 

I was told I was laid in the tomb, 

At the fourth day I was stinking, 

No one could come close, 

One was sent to my friend far away, 

He was not in haste to come, 

To come and heal my sickness, 

But I heard He waited till death, 

There He comes seeing the cry, 

But He was not moved until all cried in unbelief, 

Then He asked “where have you laid him?” 

He was taken to the side of my tomb, 

I suddenly heard His cry… 

“come forth!” He said 

I could not ignore the cry, 

It woke me up like I slept late in the night, 

While my sister just woke me up in the morning, 

So they forgot what they said to Him, 

“But now You’re late and he’s stinking!”

This I see for my sake He kept to time, 

Showing forth the power of His resurrection, 

I can not so much tell what happened to me there, 

But this I see in relation to what He did at redemption, 

Stinking in death and rotten in sin, 

But I heard the call of come forth! 

Quickened me to life again, 

This in all made me to follow, 

He’s not late…

Working according to the fullness of time.