A friend of mine told me about a research done on two plants. They were both planted the normal way. But, one received some words like an utterance and many speakings of how it will grow with it seeds.

A declaration of faith was being done on the other with words. It was later said that it grew better than the other. Now, what if you use your words to build your partner up.

My partner shared something with me, I just switched to using my words to build her up and then to affirm who she is. Many times, I have seen what I say about her come to pass.

Often when people ask “how’s Fissy?” I do respond this way “she’s blessed and doing fine”. Building your partner up is very important both in your relationship and marriage.

Don’t just make complains about your partner that she’s this, he’s that. Rather use your words to build them up. Truth is, those things may be so lacking in his or her life. But, you can call them as though they were. This I have practiced many times.