I know a lot of believers don’t even want to hear anything about God’s will for their lives when it comes to relationship.

They just want “I came, I saw and I proposed”. That’s what they want and nothing more.

You must understand that entering into a relationship is beyond the walls of your eyes. You need insight!

Even though the issue of God’s will is not so much appreciated by so many people today. They just want what their eyes sees!

One of the most deceptive instruments to trust in your body for a relationship is your eyes. When you follow it, you may make mistakes.

Your own very eyes are deceptive because, it can not see beyond now and that’s why you need insight.

Can you see a great man in a guy that just have two trousers? Can you see an excellent and most caring woman in a lady who seems not so beautiful as you wanted it.

Let me deal with this beauty thing in your heart for a moment. The Bible that says beauty is deceptive is not lying. You need a woman that fears God.

I remember while working along Osekita in Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti as a student. The Lord said clearly to my heart that “you don’t know who a beautiful lady is, until I show you one then you will fear!”

This was because I had my structure for the kind of lady I wanted, pretty and with good curve. What does a normal guy wants than that?

But, I realized later that is beyond my eyes. We need to allow God to choose His will for us which we can not see.

He sees farther than us and understands our compatibility more than us. Even though God’s will does not automatically mean you won’t work on one another in that relationship. You will!

But, what’s this fear of God’s will? He won’t allow me choose what I want. He won’t allow me take that curvy lady. He won’t allow me take that tush brother that knows what’s up.

You don’t know any man. God understands every man’s frame and He will give you according to your several abilities.

God’s will sees beyond now. It’s sees beyond your eyes. It sees the future more. It communicates the future to you than the present.

Your eyes speaks of now and now! But, God’s will speaks of the future and that’s what it communicate to you. It is well tested and trusted. If your relationship is to end in marriage then you need help, God’s will!

You must understand that allowing God to guide your heart on who to choose is the best for your destiny! That’s if you cherish your destiny. God’s will communicates the future that may look different from the present!