“Meditation is like chewing a thing that seems hard until it becomes softer.”

A large percentage of people around the world worry about one thing or the other. Men worry because they seem not to know the way out of that thing. It is taken far to a point whereby, their whole being begin to smell worry and then it begins to show in their faces. Worry involves thinking on a thing consistently. Many a time, people could hardly change that thing but worry gets them into not seeing the solution at all. 

Now if we meditate the same way we worry, the better for us. This is because worry involves deep thinking to the point that you may be out of your body till someone calls you back. You can also meditate likewise and then birth a new thing in your life. Take for example, you’re meditating on the word of the Lord and then you meditate on the goodness of God. Now you find scriptures that addresses your need or your desire that you will like to birth. By constant meditation you bring your whole being into it. You meditate on it till you see it become yours and then you rejoice. Worry help you to expand the problem the more. Meditation does not only involves deep thinking but helps you to see and birth the new!