​Whatever God has done is complete. But he does it as a seed and it’s your job to cultivate and walk in the reality. You cannot command the eternal works of God to manifest in your life by mere speaking, but you have to first receive it by faith (not just agree), OBSERVE TO BECOME what the word says. In the old testament, it looked like the whole point of God providing the law was TO DO, but if you observe closely, God was all about BECOMING, because doing something is diilfficult when it is not in your nature. Jesus, in the sermon on the Mount, made them understand that because it is in human nature to do evil, they found themselves disobeying the law by default. Even if you gave me wings to fly, I still would fail, until I imbibe an avian nature.

With grace, grace is not your work, it is God’s eternal work to overcome sin and see everyone who has received salvation in the light of Christ. We connect to this work by faith, and make it a reality by the new NATURE of righteousness. 

But you have a part to play, not in DOING GOD’S PART WHICH IS THE SUPPLY OF GRACE, but in doing your part, which is imbibing and enforcing the new nature.

As in anything born into a new nature, you must grow in that new nature, its expressions and characteristics to fully function with that nature.

Therefore, just sitting and saying that THERE’S GRACE and so I can do anyhow does not do you any good because that’s God’s work. He took care of His part. He finished HIS work. If anyone tells you you don’t have a part to play, he’s not seeing the complete picture. It’s like saying that because Christ already died for the sins of men, you don’t need to accept Him since he did everything. So you don’t appropriate the work of grace through claiming alone, but by the nature of righteousness. You have a role to play in putting the old nature in its place.