Becoming a praying mum is very essential for mums in this time that  we are in. It’s time to be more sensitive to the Lord and to draw our hearts more in the place of prayers. 

“The power made available in the place of prayers is greater than the man that prayed”

I believe that every woman want to be a great mother and if we want to be a great mother then we must begin to learn to pray as a mum. We must become a praying mum that prays for her children in her secret place. Always sensitive to the need of the children in the place of prayers even when the children are far away. We must increase our capacities in the place of prayers and be more sensitive to our children. Often children don’t tell all in their minds but the secret things belong to God. You can begin to pray and the Lord will give you direction on how to pray,  channeling your hearts to the direction where your children needs prayers the most. 

When we’re very small I use to see how my mum do pray for us, she will spend time to pray for us in the place of prayer, she could almost take her whole time on us and yet will still go to work. She has developed herself so much to pray for us as her children, she actually has two of us and we are boys. Even till today she still spend time praying for us. Maybe you’re a young mum and you notice this in your mother you can begin to pray to receive such grace that she has.  Mum, you need to become a praying mother for your children you may not know how your prayers is helping your kids but just keep praying. Spend enough time on them in the place of prayers. The Bible says to continue in instant pray. 

Romans  12:12  Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; CONTINUING INSTANT IN PRAYER;

“When mothers learn to continue in prayer it will build their capacities in the place of prayers and also keep their children”

One of the ways to develop yourself is by spending time with the word of God, it will give direction to your heart. It’s not too late to start taking a daily five minutes prayers for your children in the place of prayers. Mums must develop a secret place of prayers for their children. You can build yourself to be so strong that you’re sensitive to what your children are going through and when you tell your daughter she will be amazed that how did you know? When this is done she will also ask you questions and there she give you room to impact such grace to her. Don’t give up keep praying for your children.