The position of the husband in the home is like the position of a priest, and what priest do is to offer sacrifices. You offer the sacrifice of prayer in your secret place which will secure the home as a priest. 

Leviticus  6:12  AND THE FIRE UPON THE ALTAR SHALL BE BURNING IN IT; it shall not be put out: and THE PRIEST SHALL BURN WOOD ON IT EVERY MORNING, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings.

“The priestly position of the husband is a continual one that must be learn”

You see, husbands are priest in their homes and how to keep to prayer is to begin to pray. You can begin by taking a few minutes to pray and before long it will increase, just ensure you’re consistent with it. 

“Consistency is the strength of prayers and it reflects that priestly position in the husband”

One way to increase in strength in the place of prayers is to pray the word of God. When you learn to put the word of God first it channels your heart on areas to pray for and how to pray in those areas. It’s a guide to prayer, so as you keep to the word of God you’ll keep to prayers. 

“The power made available in the place of prayers is greater than the man that prayed”

Just as Jesus is praying for the church at the right hand of the Father so also should the husband pray and intercede for His home. When you keep to praying for your home you increase your capacity in the place of prayers and also as a priest in the home. You learn to watch over your family in your home, your wife, your children and your entire family. 

“It is the responsibility of the husband to stand as a watcher in the home. For when there is no watcher in the home the gate is open to the enemy”

The husband is the city gate of the home and also a watcher of the home. You stand as the entrance into the home where in coming to the house you’re the gate that is seen through Christ Jesus. When the gate is strong and high it secures the house, so also is the husband. So as husbands we must become praying men for we are the watcher and the priest of our homes.