How I love what we have in our house, 

Even my friends give me honour as they see our house,  

This honour all entered into my heart, 

I thought of telling my brother, 

I just said “there is no need Mike” 

So I thought to myself “what if I own all of this?”

Maybe I should just find a way to go around it” 

One day I took up the courage to meet my dad, 

So I said to him “father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me”

 I smiled as I watched my father divide his living to us, 

I watched my brother’s eyes, 

As he looked at me with jealousy, 

I just said with my eyes “like who cares?” 

So I took my own portion and had my strategy all set, 

So I went to a far country, 

Where nobody can come close to, 

But the money was all reducing, 

There I did not noticed till famine came, 

All that I have was gone, 

Now how do I feed and cloth myself? 

Hunger fights my belly and won, 

It was much that I forgot my pride, 

Until one day I found swine feeding, 

There I said to them “Please let me be your friends?”

Quietly they allowed me feed with them, 

This continued for a while, 

When I thought within myself, 

But… “how many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough 

and to spare and I perish with hunger!

I will arise and go to my father” 

Just let me do a rehearsal of what to say, 

Let me start this way, 

“Father I have sinned against heaven, 

And before thee my father”

I will also say that “am no more worthy to be called thy son

Make me as one of thy hired servants”
Let me hope he will take me back as a servant, 

So I said to myself with deep regret, 

All through my journey as I draw close to the house, 

I was just on rehearsals, 

Soliloquizing to myself what I’ll say, 

At getting to go house, 

I saw him reach out to me with his arms, 

Widely he opened them to me with much love, 

That is filled with desire that am back home, 

While he fell on my neck and kissed it, 

For which have lost my head, 

For such he restored back with a kiss, 

I kept saying all I’d rehearsed,  

But he did as though he never heard me, 

Not sure he did hear what I said all through, 

All his consent was that, 

“For this my son was dead and is alive again, 

He was lost and is found,

So the merry began with a loud noise, 

Such that my brother could hear from afar, 

But seized to enter the house,  

But when he saw dad he challenged him, 

Remembering him all that have done, 

But this is what my dad said, 

“Son thou art ever with me, 

and all that I have is thine,    

You know it was meet that we should make merry, 

And be glad for this thy brother was dead, 

For he is alive again, 

He was also was lost and is found”

When I considered all this, 

I see truly how my father loves me, 

Now am back home for real as a son!