One of the things that a first time dad must learn is to quit being selfish. To end how to dwell in the place of self, because real men should not be found in this place. You have been waiting for your baby for nine months now, you need to be happy that the baby is here. In just two months of your baby’s arrival, you noticed that your wife now pay more attention to your baby than you. You just need to understand her, she loves you like you never before and she’ll always do. I understand she is kind of far from you but the truth is, the baby need attention now. 

Mostly men feel they are being punished for this, but that’s not so. Your wife do have your interest in heart, just that she need to nurture your baby with breastfeeding, putting the baby to sleep and some little dancing while she backs your baby. All of this takes her strength and you can renew her strength by your encouragement and your hand of support during this time. You can help her do some things rather than keeping a complain. Also, it is wise for a woman to understand that her husband is missing her and to help his heart by making him aware that she also misses her husband too. Is just that this new life needs her attention more. 

Parenting is important and it should involve the two of you. Not leaving your wife aside and be given to complains. But to help her in the best way you can, will make her feel loved like before. Nurturing this baby is in the hands of both of you and not your wife alone. Engaging with her in nurturing this baby will be the best thing to do for her, because she’s also new in this path like you.