“Prayer is a way to access God” 

One of the ways to find answers in life is to search the scriptures. Many a times when people are afflicted, the best thing they feel to do is to take wine, so that their affliction can go away but there is a way scriptures answer this. It placed it as a question first, is any afflicted? 

James  5:13 IS ANY AMONG YOU AFFLICTED? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

This was written to believers. When you’re afflicted with the issues of life or whatever that it is. The Bible says to you to pray. It was personalized, “let him pray…” this tells that a sure way to be free of any form of affliction is to pray. Just talk to God! That’s the simple answer to your affliction. The confidence of prayer here is so sure and the answer was simple. James puts it that truly prayer will end that affliction. So pray!