Nakedness is one thing that no man enjoy to share confidently or freely with people. It takes a lot of energy to be able to show any man your nakedness.

You’ll agree with me that when you have a small issue in your body, you find it hard to open up to a doctor that is the opposite sex, even some find it difficult to open it to the same sex. But, you may just have to.

It’s good to affirm that scripture said in
Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

But, we must note that it says “the man and his wife”. It’s good to establish what this scripture did not say…

¶It did not say the man and the man
¶It did not say the woman and the woman
¶It did not say the boy and the girl
¶It did not say the man and another person’s wife
¶It did not say another person’s husband and a woman

It’s says the “the man and his wife”
I love to always lay emphasis on the word of God.

When scriptures refers to a man, it always says his own wife and when it is to the woman it says her own husband. This must be clear because it speaks of faithfulness sexually in one’s marriage.

So, folks that may need to be ashamed are folks that are not partners or married but are sharing one another’s nakedness.

Marriage is a ground that allows or gives room for us to share our nakedness without any fear or being ashamed. Even though we won’t deny the truth that some couples are shy at their first night together to share their bodies. But, later on they will learn to freely share it with themselves.

Sharing your nakedness with your husband or wife tells a whole lot of deal of how you love and trust your partner. This should be cherished by both parties and not to be discussed with an outsider.

Your sexual life is your MOST HOLY PLACE where you both are the priest that have access to come in and out any time to offer your marital sacrifices to one another for God’s blessing.

Our nakedness should not make us to be ashamed in marriage. We should be able to trust one another enough to be able to share our bodies and not deny one another of the beauty of our NAKEDNESS. We must enjoy the pleasure that it brings to our married.

The man is more moved by his wife’s nakedness and the wife want to hear how beautiful her body structures and figures are to her husband, for this the man should not be silent.

For this the Bible says to richly enjoy the breast of your wife not another woman’s and the woman to submit. Submission also is for both!

In your marriage you can have a naked party that involves your wife and you alone. Sharing moments and connecting with one another, the most pleasure you could enjoy and more.