There is a possibility in Eve’s mind when God created her to think she was the only human being on earth after her creation.

(Just an imagination now…) She may even think, I needed a man when God was actually making her. The work God did in her life was not ordinary.

Like Dr. Myles Munroe said “Adam was the only man that God formed from the dust of the ground, He never went back.”

Eve was made and the word “made” in the Hebrew is the word linked to “woman” which means “built” so God made(built) Eve.

In that process she may be thinking maybe she needed a man, whereas God has a man already for her while God have the intention to take her to where the man is.

The very reason you must pray to God that He should bring your partner closer by the day as this will help Form the “bond of recognition”.

It takes the introduction of Eve to Adam by God for Adam to recognize Eve. It’s clear, God brought animals to Adam to see what he will call them.

Just the same way God also brought Eve to Adam and Adam didn’t waste time, he called her “Woman” because she was taken from a man.

God is aware and truly He’s the Master Match Maker, He knows how to brings things up for you. But, for God He never told Adam that this is your wife.

But, as Adam saw Eve, something on his inside told him “God brought this woman to me to be my wife. She was taken from me.”

So you’ll understand when Solomon said “but there is a Spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding”.

I see, Adam had an understanding of his wife by the Spirit of God as He gave him understanding. What Adam got to be able to recognize Eve was an understanding. You need it!

The Love Transformers