Lord I thank You for Your great work on my inside and I give You praise for there is no bad thing in me, that’s why I thank You for every good thing You’re doing and have done in me by Christ Jesus and I acknowledge the blessings in being Your Son for which am made a joint heir with Your Son Jesus Christ on this platform we are together Your heirs. I do not take for granted the grace that appeared to me when I gave my life to Jesus Christ by confessing Jesus and then believing with my heart the Lord Jesus, for which cause gave me the right to become Your Son. I therefore acknowledge the Sonship identity of being led by Your Spirit and being inspired by Your Spirit, so I give my heart more to the obedience of Your Spirit and to walk diligently with Him as you expect me. I receive much more grace to walk deeply with you and to keep the faith till You come even as I reach my destination in the Father.

I therefore do not walk as fools but understanding what the time is, not by observing of weather but by looking deep into what the Holy Spirit bid to my heart even as I fellowship more with Him. I acknowledge and say that I’ll not only live in the Spirit but to also walk in the Spirit, so I engage the Lord and delight myself in Him for such will my desire come unto me. I live no longer by the dictates of the flesh but by the word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord because that is how I live now. Even as I desire the words of His mouth my heart will be filled with joy and even with that will arise to prayer for my soul shall stay more in Your presence. Always guiding me through and through, always leading me and this create in me the confidence that I’ll never be confused in life. I gain more in my business and there is no loss because Jesus never lose, I therefore will not purchase money with my heart but I’ll cause my heart to retain God for such shall money come to me because in following the Kingdom all need are met and I know He knows my need and He’s committed to meeting them. He’s not failed with His words so am not afraid of even my needs being met. I prosper because am the seed of Abraham and I give my tithe diligently for by this I walk in the steps of faithful Abraham, I give it with an understanding that there will be meat in God’s house not that God lacks provisions but I understand that this is my right for such shall He open the windows of heaven to me. Even if I don’t know what the windows may be, I live by faith to be committed to God because God is committed to me. I’ll walk more with You even till my last breathe be gone. Amen.