One thing couples need is to ensure that love for their spouse is burning daily in their hearts. Love is like a fire that can not be quenched no matter the water you pour on it. The fire is strong to keep burning with nothing to quench it except the lovers. When the love for your spouse is burning in your heart no other person is better to be with than him or her. She is more closer to you even when she is distance from you. When you remember her love for you it must make you smile within that people around will ask you what happened? It must burn so much that no other person will love to come near because the aura of her love is all on you, people should be able to smell it and feel, she should be the sweetest thing you never want to miss in a  second. 
God’s love in you can increase the love that you just love her more, you do all things for her in love. God’s love in you even make the  love for you to your wife more sacrificial you can’t just let anyone come in. Of course you should love others but not more than your spouse. Kiss her as often as you can, make her happy and let him always miss your presence. Treat your husband well on bed. Give him the best treat that he won’t forget. Make your woman feel like a baby every time you meet her. Let the love of God guide you. When making love with her don’t rush her, try to be selfless as possible, a great man is a man that allows his wife and just forget his own will. Keep loving your wife and your husband and also allow God to keep you in, even more with the Word of God, because marriage is to reflect God’s love towards man especially Christ and His Church.